Tom Panos is considered as Australasia’s #1 real estate coach and trainer.

He opened his own real estate office at 22 years of age and has been immersed in the industry for over 30 years. 

With a Masters degree in Management and Coaching Psychology, he teaches agents how to attract business and not just chase it.

Tom Panos’ weekly coaching videos are watched by over 20,000 agents. Click here to join the list – it’s free!

Tom conducts training sessions on getting more listings, increasing VPA, stay in touch strategies, buyer and seller negotiation, building your personal brand, buyer management, time management, and using auctions to build an attraction business.

His training program Real Estate Gym is the best way to have Tom as your personal coach. 

Tom also produces a weekly podcast with John McGrath, Million Dollar Agent and is one of Sydney’s leading Real Estate Auctioneers as well as being a sought after keynote Real Estate speaker

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